Revision of the PESA Constitution

The Petroleum engineering students’ association (PESA) Judicial council wishes to bring to your notice on its intent in reviewing the department constitution.
This review process is taking place based on several factors which has been discussed below. As the constitution was made based on the people’s interest, so shall it be reviewed based on the same interest of the people.

Aside the fact that the SRC constitution has been reviewed therefore all departments constitution have to be amended accordingly, other main reasons why the constitution needs to be reviewed are as follows;

  • The inclusion of the Parliamentary position: The Member of Parliament’s seat which was introduced by the UENR-SRC from the various departmental associations has called for the need to review our constitution as well.
  • Typographical errors: This could be a problem generated during the typing of the constitution. And with this, it has now been notice and requires to be dealt with.
  • Other miscellaneous inclusions which cannot be stated immediately.

A Review committee is been formed to work on the constitution.

Also, if you have any suggestion(s) to make, kindly send it to the committee on


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