Petroleum Engineering Students Association (PESA) is the departmental name for Bsc. Petroleum Engineering. It is a four-year Degree (Bachelor) programme offered in University of Energy And Natural Resources, Sunyani. This programme aims at providing a firm grounding in the basic concepts of Petroleum Engineering and allied disciplines in order to meet the requirements for the objectives. The main objectives are to:

  • Train competent first-degree graduates
  • Prepare first degree graduates to take up jobs in the petroleum and allied industries and
  • Prepare candidates for higher degrees in petroleum and petroleum related programmes.

Some of the aims and aspirations of the department include to foster closer relations amongst its members and promote their welfare academically, spiritually, socially and morally.

Again, to promote the Study of Petroleum Engineering and its role in the development of the country through symposia, industrial trips, seminars etc.

The population of the department is three hundred and eleven students/members (311) which comprises of level 100-400. Petroleum Engineering majors face the basic engineering courses before moving into more specialized classes like Geology, Well drilling, Reservoir fluids, Fluid flow, Petroleum production, and Reservoir analysis.